Launched in 2019, Minor has established itself as a sought after programme that provides students with a continuously updated course offer and an opportunity to become part of a lively interdisciplinary community and to get acquainted with the key players of the Prague AI ecosystem.

It aims at driven, tech-savvy students already enrolled at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics (MFF) and the Faculty of Social Sciences (FSV) at Charles University (CUNI), the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEE) and the Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) at the Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU).

With Minor, you will gain an essential in-depth understanding of artificial intelligence (AI), the practical skills necessary to apply it in any area of your interest and connections to some of the best AI teachers and researchers from two prestigious Prague universities.

What to Do Next

Winter term starts on
29th September 2021
Winter term starts on
20th September 2021

How Minor Works Minor brings together a carefully selected set of existing bachelor or master courses. In other words, the content, knowledge and expertise have already been amassed and shared at Prague universities.

What Minor adds is (1) the cherry-picking of the best courses, (2) the motivation for you to enrol in a specialised AI course and for teachers to improve and scale up their classes, and (3) a strong incentive to build tight collaborations across universities.

To successfully complete Minor, you are required to:

  • Apply in winter 2022 and be accepted.
  • Choose 4 out of 6 offered thematic blocks (CoreML and CoreSYMB are compulsory).
  • Pass at least one course of your choice in each of the 4 blocks. The selected courses must come from 3 out of 4 participating faculties.
  • Provide a confirmation of successful completion of your regular degree including a confirmation of passing Minor courses.

Selection Criteria

There are four guarantors representing each of the participating faculties. Each is responsible for the selection of applicants from their faculty and evaluates them on the basis of:

  • Grades from home faculty study programme compulsory courses
  • Extra-curricular activities (these can also serve as a possible compensation of lower grades)
  • Personal and professional motivation for enrolling into Minor

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Faculty Guarantors

prof. Ing. Tomáš Svoboda, Ph.D.

Chair of the Department of Cybernetics, FEE, CTU

“To give students a diversity of research and problem challenges, teachers and also fellow students is a key to their future success.”


prof. PhDr. Ladislav Krištoufek, Ph.D.

Vice-Dean for Student Affairs, FSV, CUNI

“Interdisciplinarity is the key - whichever background you come from - as is networking across fields.”


doc. RNDr. Ondřej Bojar, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, ÚFAL, MFF, CUNI

"Apart from exposing passionate students to a great diversity of topics and fellows, I'm also excited about the networking and collaboration opportunities among the faculties and educators."


Ing. Karel Klouda, Ph.D.

Head of Department of Applied Mathematics, FIT, CTU

“ Minor is a unique example of interdisciplinary cooperation among academic institutions and a great occasion to meet people with different backgrounds.”

Profile Minor Manager

Mgr. Julie Kovaříková

Coordination & Project Management,

“Education is one of's main priorities and also my own. I am thrilled to work with promising students while they embark on the best AI journey top Prague universities currently offer.”


I am not a student of any of the listed faculties. Can I still apply?
If you are a student of Charles University or the Czech Technical University, fill in the application form and should there be remaining capacity and you pass the selection process, we will do our best to let you in. Students from other universities are currently not eligible to enrol.
Do I have to be a current student to apply?
Yes, you do!
Can I complete Minor after I finish my regular studies?
No, you have to be enrolled at one of the participating faculties as a current student.
Does it matter if I study Bachelor, Master or Ph.D.?
The programme is only for Bachelor and Master students. Due to capacity reasons, Ph.D. students cannot participate in the programme.
Are the courses I have already passed as part of my regular current degree recognised?
Yes, they are. In order to successfully complete Minor, make sure you comply with the criteria of passing at least one course of your choice in each of the 4 blocks with CoreML and CoreSYMB being mandatory. The selected courses must come from 3 out of 4 participating faculties.
Are the courses I passed as part of my already completed degree recognised?
Yes, they are. If you passed the course successfully (grades A-C at CTU, 1-2 at CUNI) and your previous studies were completed less than 5 years before enrolling into Minor. Note that you have to be a current student to be able to enrol and complete Minor.
What if I change my major degree or faculties or universities during my studies of Minor?
As long as you remain at one of the participating universities and follow the Minor completion requirements, you are good.
Can I apply if I do not understand Czech?
Sure! All blocks contain courses taught in English. Most courses are taught both in Czech and English. A few courses are currently taught in Czech only, as there’s currently little demand for English.
Can I finish Minor without completing my regular degree?
No, you are required to successfully complete your degree to receive a confirmation of completing the Minor programme.
Is Minor an accredited study programme?
No, it is not. We are sure, however, that it will be recognised by future employers and others as a desirable addition to regular studies and a proof of enthusiasm and passion for AI.
What if the capacity of my desired course is maxed out?
We appreciate that some courses and teachers are very popular and strive to provide alternatives in the Minor curriculum, so first check if there is a similar course at another faculty. You can always try to sign up again the following term or year. We do our best to inform students about all important dates, but it is the student's responsibility to ensure that they sign up for desired (and required) courses in a timely manner.
What happens if I get accepted?
Stay tuned for emails from the team who will brief you on all important next steps. Get ready for becoming part of a friendly, informal community working closely together, helping each other and going for beers every now and then.
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